Awal Gulf strives to improve its performance continuously, and in order to do so it has placed a set of principles and policies on environment and quality assurance. These policies extend to our staff and the community in which we operate.

Awal Gulf Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning products – an environment friendly organization, is committed to protect the environment and strives to demonstrate its commitment through the following:

  • Prevention and control of pollution
  • Comply with environment legislation and other requirements as applicable to the organization
  • Implement effective waste management system
  • Continual improving our products and processes towards environment protection
  • Creation of environmental awareness across the organization
An ISO 14001:2004 certificate proves that we have established, and continuously strive to maintain, the Environment Management System in accordance with the International Standard. This provides the framework for the protection of natural resources and sustainability of the environment through the following:

  • Optimization of materials usage
  • Maximization of recycling materials
  • Reduction of emissions caused by our manufacturing processes, practices and services
  • Developing energy efficient cooling systems and products

In order to rapidly and steadily implement the Environmental Action Plan, we have defined our system to promote the plan, responsibility setup, and act on the Environmental Management System (EMS) based on our Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) cycle to address continuous improvement of environmental activities.


  • Awal Gulf will contribute to its society by providing long term career to employees and by providing them with the proper training and good work environment.
  • Awal Gulf will always strive to provide quality products made for all environments and at affordable prices for every market segment.
  • The medium and long term objective of Awal Gulf is to diversity into other products that are either related to our core business or different from these products
  • The focus will also be on our after sales service that will cater for the needs of our growing customers. And to be a leading player in our markets in the years to come through focusing on the quality rather than quantity.

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