Awal Gulf is a refrigeration and air conditioning equipment manufacturer, unique in its class and industry size in Bahrain. It has three manufacturing plants in the Sitra Industrial Area and Bahrain International Investment Park in Hidd with a work force well over 1500.

Awal Gulf caters to the refrigeration and air conditioning requirements of sizeable customers in the Middle Eastern region and beyond Corporate including some world leaders as their OEM, commercial and individuals included. Products include Window Air Conditioners, Mini- Split Systems, Roof Top Water Coolers, Chest Freezers and Central Air Conditioners.It is our strategy to keep widening our products base within this industrial sector as well as taking a more environmentally friendly approach .

Awal Gulf was incorporated in 1993 as part of a strategic program of expanding the Room Air-conditioning business of its affiliate company AWALCO. The air conditioning business of AWALCO was pioneered way back in 1970 by Mr. Mohammed Ali Mattar, a greatly respected Bahraini businessman with great vision and leadership. Mr. Shaheen S. Shaheen, partner of Mr. Mohamed Ali Mattar during that period was also influential in AWALCO’s growth to become a household name in the Air-conditioning field in Bahrain.

The company carried on the operations of assembly of Air-conditioning kits under its' own local brand PEARL beside the service and repair of air conditioners and was also the licensee for the U.S. brand "FRIEDRICH". With an eye on the larger GCC market the first major expansion was carried out in 1989. By 1990 however, it became clear that further growth of the company's business lay in firstly, moving into full scale manufacturing as opposed to mere assembly and secondly, growth could only be achieved by expanding the export side of the business to encompass markets all across the entire Middle East and the North ; South African regions. Accordingly, the Room Air-conditioning manufacturing and marketing ; both domestic and exports ; was spun off in 1993 to a separate corporate entity viz. Awal Gulf Manufacturing Co. (Awal Gulf). Meanwhile the local brand "PEARL" had moved on to its new home and remained a household name in Bahrain.

Awal Gulf, with more broad-based shareholding backing it up, embarked in 1993 upon an investment of US$ 20 Million in a modern state of the art manufacturing facility in Sitra with an annual capacity to turn out 150,000 units of Window and Split Air-conditioners. The plant was successfully erected and commissioned in early 1994. The new sophisticated facility completed its first year of commercial operations in 1995 with a creditable export. Automation, infrastructure improvements, as well as expanding to various product manufacturing  have always been on the agenda for Awal Gulf’s management, which is why in the year 2000 the company began its commercial production of chest freezers. After consolidating a market share in the initial years of operating a new plant for the chest freezer manufacturing was set up in 2005 which further enhanced production capacity.  While beginning the Chest Freezer expansion of Awal Gulf’s product range, the Central Air Conditioner line was set up as well in 2001.

Operating to the most stringent international standards Awal Gulf went from a humble beginning of 20,000 units in total sales in 1995 and has since taken strides to reach to the present levels of operations of over 450,000 units annually with hopes to reach an even higher number in the years to come.  With each year not only do the operational levels grow and expand but there is an ever lasting need to meet worldwide criteria and standards which is why Awal Gulf has a long list of earned certifications and standards from international agencies that help weld its position even further into the world market of leading air conditioning manufacturers.

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