Standard Features:

  • Air Cooled Package chillers have been developed and produced to provide not only the optimum performance, but also to guarantee long and trouble free operations
  • Herein lies the reason for the choice of only the highest quality components and design strategies to meet the most important objective such as,
    • Efficiency
    • Reliability
    • Flexibility
    • Easy Installation
    • Serviceability
    • Affordability
  • Chillers are designed, manufactured and shipped as a complete package which are run tested at factory before dispatch.
  • A wide range of chiller capacities and options available with refrigerant R407C, R410A, R22 both 50 HZ and 60HZ operation.
  • Microprocessor based chiller controller effectively manages the operation of chiller at different conditions. The units are completely factory wired with single point power input
  • Easy accessible control box, compressor, controls
  • Primary control circuit is designed to operate at 24 volts. Control circuit 230 volts can be given as an option
  • All the units are provided with compressor lockout either by locking relays or by high pressure control trip with manual reset switch
  • All the units are provided with 2.5-3 min time delay for compressor start
  • Units are provided with efficient PHE’s or Shell and the tube evaporators with T/S
  • Quality Assurance
  • All chillers are run tested at factory prior to dispatch
  • Produced in ISO9001-2000 listed manufacturing facility
  • Designed and rated to the conditions as per ARI standards
  • Chillers are made in compact foot print
  • Aluminum profile construction is unique feature of Awal Gulf Chiller design
  • Sheet metal frame construction can also be provided as optional

Standard Features

  • Corrosion free profile construction
  • Modular design gives greater flexibility
  • Easily accessible system components
  • Multiple compressor design, gives control over different load conditions
  • Units are fitted with scroll compressor with anti-vibration mounts
  • Refrigeration circuit complete with TEX valve, replaceable drier, sight glass etc.
  • Compressor and fan motor provide with overload relays for protection
  • Cool only model is standard option
  • HP/LP switches provided as protection for the system

Optional Features:

  • Anti-corrosive coated fins for condenser coils
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers for special applications
  • Copper fins for condenser
  • Phase loss protection
  • Fan speed controller
  • Fan cycle switch
  • Compressor alternating switch
  • Compressor interlock with pump(others)
  • Pump down system
  • Over load thermal protection for compressor
  • Over load thermal protection for motors
  • Volt free contact for BMS
  • Dual and adjustable pressure switches
  • Pump down control
  • Hot gas bypass for capacity regulation
  • Plate heat exchangers as optional can be given for special application
  • High point cooler
  • Heavy duty dust proof (IP 55) electrical panel available for specific models
  • Protective grill can be given for compressor and condenser section as optional
  • HP/LP gauges can be provided.

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