Standard Features:

  • The 4AH series Air Handling units are based on Awal’s ADS series. This series features Flexible Modular type construction with 11 basic sizes covering a wide range of air flow from 2890 m3/hr to 45,680 m3/hr
  • The combination of width and height dimensions within the basic sizes offers flexibility in sizing the unit to fit into various on-site space requirements
  • Fan and Motor assembly is mounted on a common base with suitable vibration isolators to ensure that they are isolated from the main case structure
  • The ADS units are offered with double skin panels with 25mm/45mm thickness, fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel sheet dully finished with powder coat Fan and Motor assembly is mounted on a common base with suitable vibration Isolators to ensure that they are isolated from the main case structure
  • Units are manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified facility center ensuring quality standards for the components used in construction of the units
  • Powder coated outer panels are feature of ADS series; however blue skin panels are available as an option.
  • All components are standard and interchangeable
  • Access panels are provided with easily removable fasteners to facilities easy maintenance


  • Each of the panels is made up of 0.7mm pre-painted sheet and 1.0mm Zinc coated inner panel.
  • These panels are sandwiched with Rockwool insulation of uniform density (40 kg/m3) ensures low thermal conductivity and robust construction
  • Polyurethane foam can be given as optional

Blower Assembly

  • High energy efficient, fans with backward/forward curved blades with DIDW (double inlet double width) construction are available for various static pressure requirements
  • The motors are TEFC type with either IP54/IP55 protection and with class F insulation
  • Fan and Motor is mounted on a common extruded aluminum channel base, by using anti-vibration isolators


  • The unit will be supplied with hot water coil
  • Coils are sized and designed by the computerized software selection program and manufactured in our state-of-the-art technology plant and tested as per the test conditions specified by ARI 410 Standards Corrugated plate type fin is die-formed
  • Fin collars are full drawn to provide accurate control fin spacing and maximum contact with tubes
  • All coils are leak tested under water at 315 psig air
  • Copper fins with copper tubes or copper tubes covered by Hera site-Epoxy coating can be provided as an option

Air control devices

  • The dampers are used for air control and minimize the pressure loss as well as to reduce noise
  • These mixing boxes are configured with opposed blades and driven by a polycarbonate gear mechanism to ensure smooth operation


  • Air Filtration is of paramount importance and this ensures best quality of IAQ
  • Choices of single and multi-stage air filters are available to suit different environmental conditions
  • Filters are placed in galvanized frames for easier side removal and effortless maintenance
  • Manometer plug ports are provided to fix manometer and check for filter pressure drops
  • All filters offered are made to follow ASHRAE and Euro Vent Conventional Standards

Condensate Drain Pan

  • Specially designed Drain Pan made of GI dully finished with powder coating material and insulated to prevent condensation
  • The drain connection is available for both the sides of the drain pan so that it is easy to connect to the main drains at the site

Optional Features

  • Heat recovery wheel
  • Horse shoe heat pipe
  • Backward curved blower
  • Hot water coil
  • Electric heater with Air Flow switch
  • Electrical Humidifier
  • Custom designed unit
  • Pre-coated sheet metal
  • Stainless steel drain pan, hinges, fasteners and screws
  • Special coating for coil
  • Copper fins for coil

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