• Units designed and manufactured to suit aesthetics of buildings and designed for District Cooling Applications
  • Casing manufactured from high grade engineering plastic and corrosion resistant sheet metal
  • Insulated to reduce condensation and noise levels
  • Coils are with high efficiency heat exchangers fabricated from seamless copper tubes mechanically bonded with waffled fins for maximum heat transfer
  • Fan Motor: Machine has centrifugal low noise fans direct-driven by single-phase PSC motor. These motors have internal thermal protection, low temperature rise and are highly efficient. They have high power factor and operate with permanent lubricated sleeve bearings
  • Filter: Units provided with standard high efficiency filter (washable type)
  • Blowers are statically and dynamically balanced to minimize vibration and reduce noise levels.
  • Low noise, with high efficiency cross flow blowers
  • High efficiency, long life, high power factor, capacitor driven motor
  • Easy and flexible electrical wiring connections

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