Top 5 Ways Variable Refrigerant Flow Air Conditioners can Help You Save More

Jul 05 2021

A Variable Refrigerant Flow or VRF system of air conditioners helps you save money on energy and installation in the long term without mentioning (emphasizing) the product’s edge in space saving as well the high flexibility in design & installation. In our region, the very common used VRF outdoors are the air-source version, in which we have different types; Cooling only, Heat pumps “in-respect to its capacities” and the third type is the Heat recovery outdoors. We make use of any of these types to provide a precise air temperature towards the terminal zones capitalizing on the powerful system’ features to provide the desired comfortable heating and cooling. In the heat recovery system, we can offer a simultaneous heating and/or cooling at the same to the building, which means a person in a room can vary the mode and the temperature settings of the air conditioning according to their requirements without affecting other part of the building.

The indoor climate quality can be improved when pretreated outside air is connected either directly to the indoor terminals or indirectly when introduced as a separate system incorporating other HVAC systems. The VRF system has a lot of features (advantages) that provide the best in class heating and cooling for residential & commercial buildings as follows:

  1. Efficient:
    The VRF system’s automatic power consumption adjustment matches the cooling load perfectly to the changing needs of all the individual terminal zones, capitalizing on the system’s powerful features and the intelligent capacity control which is allowing the distribution evenly over the different zones without wasting energy.
  2. Installation flexibility for future:
    VRF systems have high flexibility from design & installation perspective to accommodate expansions of the property without impacting the efficiency of the existing system. Due to the fact that VRF outdoors are modular that can be combined together to achieve higher capacities. It also has high capabilities for refrigerant piping lengths that allows owners the option to design their VRF system keeping in mind the expansion plan of the building.
  3. Space saving:
    The new technology is empowering manufacturers to provide clients with new innovations. Thus VRF systems with the compact designs for both outdoors condensing units & indoor terminals, along with the mindset of modularity as well the free combination between modules and the less refrigerant piping; all these factors will be a key elements to save more space in any application and building. Better HVAC equipment can be installed at lesser space than traditional HVAC systems. A VRF system is great solution where each space in the real estate matters and air conditioning systems need to be highly efficient & super compact.
  4. Low Noise:
    The noise level of a VRF indoor system ranges from 24 to 34 decibels which is lower than even a 35 decibel whisper whilst the outdoor unit can go up to 50 decibels which is an acceptable range. The ultra quiet operation helps support noiseless studies at school, hospitals, hotels and commercial complexes where noise interference can become an issue.
  5. Best temperature control
    Variable Refrigerant flow systems or VRF systems keep on changing or varying the flow of refrigerant and speed of the compressor according to the cooling or heating demands. This enables precise control of the temperature in the zones of heating or cooling.  Electronic expansion valves and variable speed compressors boost the control of temperature to a fairly better degree of precision.

VRF system is the ideal solution for precise temperature control, space saving, energy efficiency and create a lot of value to building owners. A VRF system is a considerable amount of investment at first but over a less period of time, it pays off completely as compared to traditional HVAC systems. If you want a complete guidance and technical support on VRF or AVR, consider getting in touch with Awal Gulf Manufacturing today!


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