Quality Assurance

Customer centric
quality assurance system

Testing Laboratory

Two Psychometric Vhambers equipped with internationally reputed make of measuring equipments for conditioning tests included maximum temperature operating test and abnormal test.


18 testing lab-min
19 control panel-min

Control Panel

Yokogawa Power Analyzer, PID, Auto Data Logger & Omega Fine wire thermocouples for temperature measurement

Glow Wire Test

Fire test of plastic parts to ensure the good fire retardant properties

20 glow wire test-min
21 mille-ohm meter-min


Insulation resistance testing for very fine low value in mill-ohm for electrical Safety test of products

Mard Transportation Simulator

Transportation Shaker

Transportation Touch Screen Control Intended to qualify the package and the enclosed product to ensure that they together can withstand the rigors of transportation

22 transportation shaker
22a mard transportation simulator
23 safety test

High Voltage Tester

Portable sophisticated High Voltage Tester up to 5KV

Integrated Elecrical Safety Test Equipment

Auto and manual facilities for High Voltage, Insulation Resistance, Earth Contact, Leakage Current , Low Voltage Start ability and Electrical Performance  tests of air conditioners

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 12.51.28 PM
24 needle flame test

Needle Flame Test

Plastic part test for no flame and ignition of the test specimen and no ignition of the tissue paper placed below the test specimen while the test is carried to ensure the fire retardant properties.

Ball Pressure Test Apparatus

Test of plastic part to ensure the plastic properties at high temperature under stress/load condition

25 ball pressure test-min

Figure Test Probe B

Stability and mechanical hazards to ensure the child figure may not be accessible


Omega fine wire thermocouples to measure a very accurate Temperature as per IEC standards

8 thermocouples-min
28 raint test

Rain Test Equipment

Motor drive for spray apparatus Moisture resistance. To check enclosure of appliance shall provide the degree of protection against moisture in accordance with the classification of the appliance