& Mission

Our core values over the years

Our Vision & Mission

To be the largest manufacturer of innovative and customer-focused air conditioning and refrigeration systems in the Middle East & Africa Region. Our vision is to continuously delight customers across the world with excellent products and after care services whilst adopting to the newest technology.

Our Values

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To be a reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the region by offering high quality, energy efficient and a versatile range of products in the air conditioning and refrigeration segment.


Build partnership with customers and suppliers based on trust, providing flexible, sustainable and affordable supply chain base, which support various OEM brands.


Make quality as our top most priority by significantly investing in our Research & Development Centre and manufacturing process.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Be a trusted and equal opportunity employer by offering long term career development opportunities for the local and expatriate professionals.


Focus on continuous innovation through exploring new technologies and systems, developing new raw material sources and developing new designs at our in-house Design Centre.


Become a responsible corporate citizen by adhering to all technical regulations and standards, complying with all legal requirements, maintaining sustainable operations that provide minimum impact on the environment and contributing to social development and public welfare initiatives.

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Make safety a primary responsibility for all operations and activities, which ensures that work environment is safe, comfortable and sustainable for employees and others working in the premises. To manufacture products that are safe for transportation, installation and usage by the customers.


To be a part of green initiative by promoting processes and products which are environment friendly and cause minimum damage to the atmosphere.