Design Testing

Tested at precisely
controlled environment

Design Protot Building Workshop

The design protot building workshop is where the prototypes for new product designs are built and evaluated. It is fully equipped and has the technical facilities to conduct the proper evaluation and research.

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Air Conditioner Testing Lab

There are five Psychrometric test laboratories, having satellite approval from Intertek, China and Thailand. Two labs are accredited to ISO/IES 17025:2017 by EIAC, Dubai (part of Dubai Municipality). Along with Air conditioners, we can test Chilled water fan coil & Air handling unit in our labs.

Air Conditioner Testing Lab Capability


  • 0.75 TR to 25 TR

Air flow measurement:

  • 150 CFM to 10000 CFM

Temperature range:

  • Indoor: 10°C to 50°C
  • Outdoor: -20°C to 60°C

Humidity range:

  • 10% RH to 90% RH

Standards Used For Air Conditioner Testing

ISO 5151 ISO 13253 ISO 13256-1
AHRI 340/360 AHRI 550/590 AHRI 210/240
EN 14511 EN 14825 EN 1397
SASO 2663 SASO 2681 SASO 2682
SASO 2874 UAE.S 5010-1 UAE.S 5010-5
ES 3795-1 ES 3795-5 ES 4814
ES 5072 GSO 2530 KWS 2530

Code Tester

The Code Tester maintains external static pressure and measure the air volume of the units.

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6 outdoor unit room-min

Outdoor Unit Room

This room simulates outdoor environment through precisely controlled ambient temperature and humidity. The Outdoor unit is placed in the room and then connected to the Indoor unit through connecting pipes. The ambient temperature is maintained by conditioning equipment.

While testing the heat pump system, we can maintain the low ambient test conditions as per the testing standard.

Air Sampler

The Air Sampler carries the air to the sampling chamber where, with the help of RTD, it measures the Dry Bulb temperature (DBT) and Wet Bulb temperature (WBT) of the air.

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8 thermocouples-min


The fine wire thermocouples take very accurate temperature readings of the required point of the unit under test. The data is useful for system diagnostic.

Control Panel

This is the central console for controlling the conditioning equipment and governing its set temperatures. It also shows the set conditions on a per second basis.

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10 chest freeezr lab-min

Chest Freezer Lab

In one of the lab, we can test the Chest Freezer performance. The Chest freezer testing is conducted for super tropical climate as per the international standards such as SASO 2892, UAE.S 5010-3, IEC 62552, and ISO15502.

Carel Pcb Tester

The Carel Tester tests the electrical lines and also programmed the PCB to work with new / modified programs.

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Manual Pcb Tester

The MPLAB ICD 2 is a device that can read, configure and re-program PCB units to run according to the latest standards and programs.

MPLAB Software

This software shows the configuration settings and allows for reassignment of the program structure of PCB units.

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Power Analyser

Brand: Yokogawa
Tests Performed: All electrical parameter such as Wattage, Voltage, and Current

Sound Level Meter

Sound level meters can be used for measure the sound level of all the units (such as Window, Split Indoor & Outdoor unit). The instrument is with user friendly display to ensure ease of use.

12 sound level meter-min
13 rotating anemometer-min

Rotating Vane Anemometer

Rotating vane anemometer is used for measure the air velocity and temperature measurements at supply and return grills.

Thermocouple Calibrator

This equipment is used to calibrate all the thermocouples and sensing instruments used in the laboratory.

14 thermcouple calibrator-min
15 air meter-min

Air Meter

Fluke 975 Air meter is used to monitor indoor air quality. This helps ensure a safe working environment.

Probe Anemometer

Air velocity is measured using probe in high sized ducting or chambers.

It also measures the temperature.

16 probe anemometer-min
17 pressure meter-min

Static Pressure Meter

This instrument is used to measure the external static pressure in the ducts.

Control Panel Software

This software is used to capture all the parameters every 5 seconds. It then calculates the air properties and generates a consolidated test report.

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