Commercial Air Conditioning
Hidd Plant

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Press Shop

  • Manual shearing machines - 80T
  • CNC punching machines - 30T
  • CNC bending machines - 80T - 100T
  • Resistance welding machines - 23 Kva - 150 Kva
  • Cut to length GI coil shearing machines - 10 MT

Paint Shop

  • 5 Tank pre-treatment process
  • Iron Phosphating
  • Powder coating by electrostatic process
  • Pure polyester powder
  • Dedicated ETP system in line with ministry regulations
  • Painted panels withstand up to 1000hrs SST
  • Can paint for specific requirement of more than 1000hrs SST

Coil Shop

  • Mechanical fin press - 30T (3/8”, 5/8" & 1/2")
  • Mechanical expander - 3/8” hole dia
  • Hairpin bender - 3/8” hole dia
  • Auto brazing oven - Fully automatic flame adj
  • Coil binding machine - Min 200mm dia
  • Helium leak detector - 2 gms/ annum
  • Anticorrosive paint booth

Assembly Lines 1 and 2

  • Slat/Roller conveyors
  • Refrigerant charging machine
  • Helium Leak Detector
  • Corousael type vacuumising system
  • Sealing and folding machine
  • Automatic strapping machine
  • Unit performance checking system
  • Wire cutting machines
  • Tube cutting | Tube bending machines
  • Wire crimping machine
  • Manual Brazing set up for Cu to Cu & Cu to MS with Ag joints

Fabrication Shop

  • Band Saw machine
  • Plasma Cutting machine
  • MIG Welding machine
  • Radial Drilling machine
  • Argon SS welding

Tubing Shop

  • Cut to Length Tube cutting & bending machines
  • Tube Punching machines
  • Tube cutting | Tube bending machines
  • Manual Brazing set up for Cu to Cu with Ag joints

Maintenance Department

  • Focused planned preventive maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Air supply – Total capacity of 1000 CFM 8 bar working pressure
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant for Water Treatment-3000 Gallons per day
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Break Glasses, Beam detectors, and autonomous fire detection
  • The panel has a direct link with civil defense
  • Fire Pumps, Hose reels and Sprinkler systems with battery backup
  • Inhouse Nitrogen generation plant
  • Compressed Air Treatment system (High & Low pressure)

Product Specifications

  • Cycle 50 Hz | 60 Hz | Inverters
  • Type Cool only | Heat and Cool
  • Compressor Reciprocatory | Rotary | Scroll
  • Gas R 22 | R 407C | R 410A


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Refrigeration Unit Manufacturing

(Sitra Chest Freezer Plant)

In order to meet the growing demands of customers and to diversify its product offerings, the company commissioned a Chest Freezer plant in 2005. The factory currently has the capacity to produce 100,000 units of Chest Freezers and Visi Coolers per year. The factory is in close proximity to the first plant and is spread over 8,000 square meters area.

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Year of Inception

Factory Size
8,000 square meters

Production Capability
100,000 units per year

Number of units produced till date

Types of Unit produced
Chest Freezers and Visi Coolers



Residential Air Conditioning

(Sitra Plant)

Production of the residential range of products started in 1995 from its first manufacturing plant at Sitra, Bahrain with a total capacity of 500,000 units per year. The factory is spread across 32,000 square meters and has a current capacity to scale up to 650,000 units a year.

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Year of Inception

Factory Size
32,000 square meters

Production Capability
650,000 units per year

Number of units produced till date

Types of Unit produced
Full range of Residential air-conditioning