Covid 19

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Building a healthier environment for everyone.

Health and Safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We also believe it’s our duty to act responsibly for a better-protected society.

We at Awal Gulf Manufacturing is closing monitoring the current prevailing COVID-19 situation and is taking every possible measures to protect our employees, our distributors, and our extended families.

We have taken the utmost precautions in our daily operations, at our manufacturing facilities and our extended services fleet to ensure continued support to our customers and beyond.

We are connected with the relevant government healthcare authorities and willing to go the extra mile to ensure all necessary measures are taken at all our operations.

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak began, Awal Gulf Manufacturing has been continuously implementing timely measures to protect its employees and its partners, and the company will continue to do so rigorously.

Here are some of the measures taken:

Contactless Handwashing

Contactless handwash stations were installed in office, manufacturing facility, and staff accommodation. This is a newly developed product at Awal Gulf Manufacturing that works on motion-activated soap dispensing for a contactless wash.

Further hand sanitizers were installed at our offices, manufacturing plants, canteens, and staff accommodations.

Disinfection Drive

Disinfection drives were carried out at all our premises. Further, our transport fleet is disinfected on an ongoing basis by external service providers. Special care is taken to keep the common areas and restrooms clean at all times.

Nursing Care & Isolation Rooms

Nursing care service is available to all our factory staff at all times. The team constantly monitors all the employees and if found with fever, cough or any other possible COVID symptoms they are immediately taken to an isolation room for a quick diagnosis. They are later transferred to a near most hospital for further examination.

Following records are maintained for monitoring:

  • Self-isolation monitoring record
  • Hospital reference monitoring record
  • Daily body temperature monitoring record for the employees
  • Daily health check record for isolated employees.

Following necessary PPE’s are readily available to handle a Covid-19 suspected case.

  • Face mask (N 95 & Surgical)
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Gown

N-95 Masks are provided to the First Aid & Security teams.

Covid-19 Test

COVID-19 tests at the end of the self-isolation period are required for those who completed self-isolation on 01.04.2020 and beyond. Following the MOH guidelines and employees are not allowed to resume duty without the test result.

Covid-19 Contingency Plan

HSSE department prepared a Covid-19 contingency plan for the company.  This procedure is intended to safeguard the employees and ensure the business continuity of our manufacturing operations and offices. The plan ensures being in full control to ensure mitigation and spread of COVID-19.

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Leading Player in the Market

Quality Assurance

  • Awal Gulf will contribute to its society by providing long term career to employees and by providing them with the proper training and good work environment.
  • Awal Gulf will always strive to provide quality products made for all environments and at affordable prices for every market segment.
  • The medium and long term objective of Awal Gulf is to diversity into other products that are either related to our core business or different from these products
  • The focus will also be on our after sales service that will cater for the needs of our growing customers. And to be a leading player in our markets in the years to come through focusing on the quality rather than quantity.