We ideate
and listen to the
voice of our customers

New Products

We listen to the voice of our customers.

Innovation is at the heart of Awal Gulf Manufacturing. We constantly strive to make our products with the latest and most advanced technology that can resonate with the growing customer demands. We listen to the voice of the customers and work with the talented Research & Development team to add these unique features and benefits to delight customers across the world.

We constantly strive to come up with solution in the form of New Products, New Technology or in the form of a Value Added Feature. The new product Introduction process starts with brainstorming sessions, feasibility studies, concept preparation, design simulations, 3D modeling, failure mode & effect analysis (Design & Process) followed by design verification plan.

We inherit multi-disciplinary teams combined with wide perspectives & varied experience levels which can look beyond traditional approach and strategies for the future.

A comprehensive and fundamental rule we follow is remember the ‘Future for Customers’.

Here’s some of the key product innovation at work at Awal Gulf Manufacturing:

  • Hybrid DC inverter Solar air conditioner: Unit primarily works on solar power and can adapt if power is not sufficient and would automatically switch to the grid.
  • Wifi control: Controlling air conditioner through mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world.
  • DC motors: DC motors have significantly higher efficiency and performance, and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear.
  • Inverter Technology: Superior efficiency and capacity modulation.
  • Package Unit with Dual Speed Compressor: Value engineered product for improved efficiency.
  • Air Purification Unit: For improved indoor air quality as part of our corporate social responsibility. The unit filters contaminated air up to 99.999%
  • Automatic Hand Washing System : Touch less solution for hand washing as part of corporate social responsibility.

Through the years, Awal Gulf has been involved in many
prestigious projects around the world.

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Leading Player in the Market

Quality Assurance

  • Awal Gulf will contribute to its society by providing long term career to employees and by providing them with the proper training and good work environment.
  • Awal Gulf will always strive to provide quality products made for all environments and at affordable prices for every market segment.
  • The medium and long term objective of Awal Gulf is to diversity into other products that are either related to our core business or different from these products
  • The focus will also be on our after sales service that will cater for the needs of our growing customers. And to be a leading player in our markets in the years to come through focusing on the quality rather than quantity.

Reduce negative impact on the environment


Sustainability is of utmost importance to modern day manufacturing. It not only enables creation of manufactured products through economically sound processes but also reduce negative impact on the environment.

Today’s manufacturing processes cannot continue in the same manner as it did in the past. Hence we at Awal Gulf Manufacturing are committed to the developing our products that incorporates best in the class product features and has minimal impact on the environment.

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