Sustainability Initiative

Apr 15 2021

Awal Gulf Manufacturing joins hand with its shipping partner CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group to undertake a global reforestation initiative. CMA CGM larger objective is to plant 110,000 trees throughout 12 countries as part of local reforestation programs designed to regenerate nature and support the development of local communities. This initiative is led in collaboration with PUR Project. PUR Project is recognized to promote sustainable agricultural practice with the possibility of offset CO2 Emissions through long-term socio-environmental projects operated by local communities in countries worldwide.

Awal Gulf Manufacturing initial contribution has led to offset 41 tons of CO2 emission and 29 agroforestry trees will be planted in the Olancho region of Honduras to help balancing ecosystems and support cattle breeders reconverted to cocoa organic farming within agroforestry modes.

Awal Gulf Manufacturing is committed to sustainable practices, protecting the environment and work towards a greener future.

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