Commercial System

Central Ducted Split

  • Hermetic Scroll compressors.
  • Condenser fans are Propeller type direct drive, draw through Vertical Discharge with fan guard mounted to the panel.
  • All units are provided with Compressor Lockout either by locking Relays or by High Pressure control trip with manual reset switch.
  • Coils are with copper tubes & aluminum fins.
  • Condenser motor is with IP55 construction and with Class F insulation.
  • Power controller, High/Low voltage, Phase loss/Reversal protection.
  • All units are designed to operate with 24V Universal Thermostat.
  • Internal motor protection for outdoor motors.
  • Compressor protection against High Discharge Temperature.
  • AHRI Certified Cooling Coil

4TR to 25TR

  • Copper fins for Evaporator and Condenser coils.
  • Heresite Coated condenser coils.
  • Overload external protection for compressor & condenser fan.
  • Compressor alternating switch.
  • Hour run meter.
  • Fan cycling switch.
  • Low ambient switch.
  • Rotolock compressor.
  • Circuit breaker (MCB) for Compressor & Condenser fans.
  • Pump down system. .
  • Hot gas bypass.
  • Pressure gauges. .
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller.
  • Adjustable voltage monitor.
  • Adjustable pressure switch.