Reliable and
World Class Quality

Quality Checks
at Every Step

Customer Centric Quality Assurance System.

We at Awal Gulf Manufacturing follow a set of standard operating procedures in our manufacturing process in order to provide customers with reliable and world class quality products. Our strict policies ensures that our products meets the highest safety standards. The company is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Awal Gulf Manufacturing adheres to all regional statutory regulations related to energy efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility. All our products are subjected to safety and EMC tests as per IEC standards leading to CB certification.

Product Development Quality Checks

Right at the start of the New Product Development/Introduction stage, several quality gates are followed for product planning, prototyping, design, testing, and thereafter sales. The company has a dedicated facility and a well-diversified team of Research and Development engineers to carry out these quality checks. Our state of the art Psychrometric test labs are accredited as per ISO 17025:2015 standards. These labs are periodically co-related with external accredited labs such as SASO, Intertek for consistency and repeatability of test results.

The company has implemented certification and approval process for all new products to meet performance, functional safety, statutory & regulatory requirements while all the parts such as motors, PCB assemblies, sheet metals etc undergo First Part Approval (FPA) and Regular Reliability Tests (RRT) at Inspection and Part Reliability laboratory.

Customer Centric Quality Assurance System.

Customer is at the core of our manufacturing process. Everything we do at Awal Gulf Manufacturing is keeping the customers interest in mind. The company utilizes the core principle of Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to receive response and feedback from the customer and improve product quality using a set of statistical process control methods including Six Sigma.

Using the Quality Gate System our products pass through a set of checklist preventing any shipment with any quality or safety issues. The company has also established a set of processes for the incoming quality of supplier parts, in-process quality and outgoing quality assurance, with strong tracing and monitoring system. Our quality assurance team selects random samples from everyday production and conduct test in product reliability laboratory to check compliance with performance, safety & regulatory requirements.

Periodical Audits

Our manufacturing processes are audited periodically and certified by local and International accredited quality certifying agencies. Awal Gulf Manufacturing is the first HVACR company in the region to secure EQ Mark from Emirates Standards & Meteorology Authority (ESMA) for its manufacturing operations in the year 2014.

Processes audited & certified by UL enabling our products to use UL mark
SASO Quality mark certification for residential product ( Windows)
Emirates Quality mark (EQ mark) for all residential products.

Building a healthier environment for everyone


Health and Safety of our employees are of paramount importance. We also believe it’s our duty to act responsibly for a better-protected society.

We at Awal Gulf Manufacturing is closing monitoring the current prevailing COVID-19 situation and is taking every possible measure to protect our employees, our distributors, and our extended families.

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Leading Player in the Market

Quality Assurance

  • Awal Gulf will contribute to its society by providing long term career to employees and by providing them with the proper training and good work environment.
  • Awal Gulf will always strive to provide quality products made for all environments and at affordable prices for every market segment.
  • The medium and long term objective of Awal Gulf is to diversity into other products that are either related to our core business or different from these products
  • The focus will also be on our after sales service that will cater for the needs of our growing customers. And to be a leading player in our markets in the years to come through focusing on the quality rather than quantity.