Awal Gulf Manufacturing launches All New ‘PEARL® Air Purification Unit’ that filters contaminated air up to 99.999%

Jun 10 2020

Product design includes HEPA filters and UV disinfection technology recommended for all healthcare facilities.

Awal Gulf Manufacturing, a premier manufacturer of Commercial and Residential Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Units based out of Kingdom of Bahrain launched its innovative air purification unit ‘PEARL®’ that uses state of the art design technology to deliver fresh air through efficient filtration system.

The PEARL air purifier is powered by a portable multi layered high efficiency HEPA filters designed to remove viruses and bacteria from the air providing enhanced level of respiratory protection. The air purifier also uses the latest UV-C technology that thoroughly decontaminate the indoor air by killing up to 99.999 per cent of airborne viruses and infections.

Speaking on the occasion, Ghassan Freiwat, Deputy CEO of Awal Gulf Manufacturing said, “The world is currently passing through an unprecedented time and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has never been so critical to the health and safety of the people. Clean air is specifically vital in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities to protect patients, staff and visitors from airborne diseases and infections. We at Awal Gulf Manufacturing believe that as leaders and experts in the HVACR industry for almost 50 years we have got a role to play in creating a safer, cleaner and efficient environment. We are pleased to launch our all new PEARL air purifier with a filtration efficiency of 99.999% down to 0.3micron particles, H14 as per EN1822. The unit is now available to order through a select dealer’s network across Europe, Middle East & Africa”.

The unit is a simple plug and play system with no integration into the existing mechanical systems. The system draws in contaminated air and removes all bacteria and viruses through a series of integral filters and then delivers clean air back into space. The unit can be placed in the common areas, hospitals and ancillary healthcare facilities including research labs and pharmaceutical plants. The unit application is not limited to the healthcare vertical only, but can also be used in educational institutes and other residential and commercial applications.

About the Company

Awal Gulf Manufacturing, is a leading HVACR manufacturing company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company currently serves customers in over 40 countries through and extensive dealer network across EMEA. Innovation and sustainability is at the core of its manufacturing process ensuring minimal impact to the environment. Awal Gulf was established in 1993 as an associate of the AWALCO Group as part of their expansion plan for their Air Conditioning division, that was established in 1970 as a licensee of the US brand Friedrich. Production started in 1995 from its first manufacturing plant with a total capacity of 500,000 units per year. In order to meet the growing demands of customers and to diversify its product offerings the company commissioned a Chest Freezer plant in 2005 and a state of the art, largest of all, manufacturing plant in 2010 exclusively for the Central Air Conditioning products. Currently the company employs over 1000 dedicated HVACR professional working towards bringing innovative products and services to the region.

Our products

Our products includes, Window Air Conditioners, Decorative-Type Split Systems, Central Air Conditioners, Air Handling Units ( AHUs), Fan Coil Units ( FCUs), Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF), Roof Tank Water Coolers, Chest Freezers, Showcase Refrigerators and Air Purifiers.

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