Change is inevitable

Jun 02 2021

Change is the only thing in life which does not change, no matter how much we resist, still we can’t stop it.

Most people try to resist change by all means not knowing or realizing that change might be the only reason for their survival.

As everything around us keep changing, such as customer behavior, technological advancements, socio-economic situation and product regulations, businesses must embrace changes too and it should be perceived in a positive manner.

Today’s time warrants that organizations embrace change. At many times change could be painful or uncomfortable to adjust to, but adapting to the same would ensure continuity in the business and services. The reason to change could be varied, ability to be competitive in the market place, adapting to newest technology etc. If we are not quick enough to accept these changes we will lag behind and loose our competitive edge.

We see incredible change in the technology space, at a pace that is beyond our imaginations. What we know and take for granted as fact without any reasonable doubt, can be changed overnight by a new idea, invention or a discovery. The testament are some of the incredible modern day discoveries by top technological giants in innovating products that makes our life easier and simpler.

If we do not embrace this change and we keep on following the old school methods, we will find sooner that what we know is obsolete.

That can apply to all areas, Development of Products, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing and so on.

Even the traditional marketing methods that we all knew are becoming outdated, as new customers (Millennia’s) do not relate to it.  The new age marketing is all digital, the only form of media they know and believe is the new Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on). Reaching your message directly through a digital platform such as google display ads or remarketing is the smartest way of reaching your message directly to a consumer. Companies that do not have their business in social media platforms are not recognized or even seen by their customers.

We, in Awal Gulf Manufacturing, are going through these transformation in every aspects of our business.

We are embracing change to reach new market place, introduce new products, adding new customers and new territories.  In marketing to begin with we have a complete brand transformation with a new brand identity. We intensified our presence in Social Media so we can better reach and cater to the change of customers and to the change in their behavior.

Change starts from within, by following different work methods, introducing new procedures, and by restructuring our work force getting out of our comfort zone, in order to be able to cater for all the changes which is happening around us.

We need to accept and embrace change as its inevitable.


About the author: 

Omar Habib is one of the longest serving leaders in Awal Gulf Manufacturing. He currently holds the title of General Manager for Export Sales. He joined the company 30 years back in the Production Department, with added responsibilities of overseeing the design, development, and construction of the first manufacturing plant in Sitra. He was one of the active members involved in the start-up of our production capabilities in Bahrain.

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